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.NET Apps

Enable Productivity, efficiency and innovation with a SharePoint Intranet.

Users don’t want to be tied to a device type to use an application. They don’t think they should, and they don’t have to be. With the latest incarnation of the powerful .NET architecture an application can be built to work across all your users’ devices.

You need to deliver an application to support the business but you have to decide upon which framework it is going to be built – will it be a website or will it be desktop application or will it be a mobile device App? With the new generation of .NET Apps you are saved from these mutually exclusive options and you can access you App across all of these platforms from the same development foundation.

Tailor your application to your unique needs

Why should your application be a compromise of functionality? It shouldn’t – it should deliver all that you need in the way that you need it. .NET Apps allow you to have control over the detail of the functionality so that compromises don’t need to be made. Harnessing powerful back-end architecture like SQL Server gives Apps strength and scale and yet HTML5 and Java Script give a polished and detailed interface.

Deliver across form and factor (to desktop to the web to mobile)

The line between Desktop and Web applications has not been blurred with .NET, its been erased. From the single application development core your .NET App can be deployed to your users across the web and as a desktop App run from the Start menu. What is more you can take advantage of the mobile devices your users have and provide access in native App form or through a responsive browser experience so that they can access your .NET App on the move.

Drive rich user experiences

User adoption is a requirement for success and with the increasing demands for superior user experience you want your App to really engage with its audience. .NET technology can help you do this as it supports the latest techniques and tools for creating rich user experiences. Incorporating HTML5 technology can bring your application to life in the hands of the user making their interactions more enjoyable, and more productive. Whether your .NET App provides interactive drilling down into data, or a drag and drop interface, great usability and rich user experiences delivers great user adoption and great user adoption will ensure your project delivers it’s return on investment.

Why chose SGcomputers for your .NET App
SGcomputers have been providing clients with comprehensive consultancy and development on the .NET platform. Its not simply about being a Microsoft Partner it is about our methodologies and depth of skills. We follow our proven project engagement methodology that ensures we have the depth of knowledge of your organization and objectives so that the final project outcomes are aligned with the results you want. We know that you and your organization are unique but we know that we can apply the knowledge and understanding gained from working with similar organization and on similar challenges to improve the final result of your project without compromising its alignment with your needs.
Our application and systems development is all undertaken in-house by our own highly skilled and highly qualified staff. By marrying a proven methodology with the depth of human capital we have nurtured you can be confident in our ability to deliver for you on your project. Why not get in touch today to start a conversation? Our team can help you get your project on the path to success.