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Azure App

Embracing the world of mobile technology to drive business value

Your employees are on the move - therefore to work efficiently the tools they need must also be mobile. This is the principle behind effective mobile business Apps - putting the Applications your workers need in their hands whenever and wherever they need.

Mobile applications are the future. Having an 'app' means your business' knowledge and processes can be easily accessible to users at any time, from anywhere and on any platform or device. Mobile and tablet devices can make you more efficient, help grow your revenues and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

By utilizing a broad set of Microsoft enterprise technologies including SharePoint, Windows Azure along with client devices such as Windows 8, phones, tablets and desktops we can build applications for your business and distribute them to your workforce through secure, on premise or hosted App stores.

Business Intelligence

On-premise technology can be inefficient with under-utilized hardware, inflexible licensing and a platform that grows only in steps in response to business needs. Cost reductions from elimination of hardware and often inefficient on-site licensing is only part of the benefit of moving to Windows Azure. Microsoft developed the Windows Azure platform to be completely, and easily scalable, meaning it can grow as your business does and in a more linear fashion. Having a more efficient and responsive IT foundation can help you react to change and opportunities faster, scaling up your technology platform is no-longer a project but turning up the tap.

Increase Efficiency with Mobilized Workflows

Your business is fighting for growth through innovation and expansion. First mover advantage in global markets can be the difference between success and failure. Exploiting opportunities and innovation should not be hampered by waiting for technology to facilitate. Head count needs to increase by 100? New application needs servers for implementation? New overseas office set up? With Windows Azure press the button and you get the resources you need fast. You can expand and contract your platform on-demand; pay for only what you use. Don't kill opportunities with inflexible IT; your competitors won't be.

Improve customer service

How much time and resource does your organizationinvest in maintaining its baseline IT services? Servers, licensing, maintenance, projects to implement change; they all suck in huge amounts of time, money and employee focus. What if you didn't have to worry about any of that baseline infrastructure anymore? What could you achieve with that extra time and resources that would be freed up? Windows Azure gives you your platform - your IT foundation, completely scalable, robust and secure, without the drain on your resources. Your technology team can now spend more time using its skills to improve business results, exploiting opportunities and working on positive change not mundane maintenance.

Device and cellular network hardware are the facilitators; the software is what will make this a reality for your organization. Delivering effective mobile Apps for your enterprise needs to be done with a knowledge of enterprise systems, not simply a knowledge of Apps.

Mobile Apps for the enterprise need to deliver a business return, not a marketing vanity project. Effective apps can range from mobilizing basic internal processes through to providing a full business intelligence dashboard that interrogates organization wide data. We can help you find and exploit opportunities to deliver a return to the business through mobilization of your technology tools.

SGcomputers are experts at building enterprise applications
We work alongside our clients bringing both knowledge of the delivery technology and the enterprise systems that power your business in a way that allows us to help you exploit opportunity and reduce business inefficiency. Working to our proven engagement methodology we bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on your project but understand each of our clients is unique. Working alongside you we can deliver mobile Apps that can make you more efficient, help grow your revenues and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We offer a full service solution for designing and building cutting-edge solutions including native mobile and tablet applications, cross platform mobile solutions and responsive web development. Our consultants will work with you to plan, design and build your new application, integrate it into your wider technical platform and set up distribution to employees in a private App store. Contact SGcomputers today to start the conversation about what we can mobilize for your business and how you can have confidence in our results from the projects we have delivered for organizations similar to yours.