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Corporate Network

Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networks

As an organization expands so does its knowledge. But as knowledge grows it can increasingly become siloed along with the people and teams that retain it. Enterprise social networks can reverse this trend, bringing people and their knowledge closer together than ever before. Connections are made, ideas are shared and information is delivered fast.

Faceless emails and directories of employees with job titles say little about who people really are, their capabilities, interests and most importantly, their ideas. The social connections colleagues make can enable more efficient remote working, bringing together geographically dispersed teams and enabling collaboration on a scale never seen before. The results are people and teams that work together and not in isolation, sharing information and not duplicating, innovating and not stagnating.

Help manage your tacit knowledge

A well designed and implemented SharePoint intranet brings together knowledge and delivers usable information to those who need it fast. Whether it is collaborating on files for a project in a document management system or being able to contact other employees across the gobe who have the knowledge to help in your assignment; intranets put information at employees finger tips.

Build tools for your future employees

The internet has had a profound effect on the way we live in the 21st century and platforms like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we communicate. The next generation of information workers will demand the tools they use in their personal lives to make them more productive in the way they work, communicate and share knowledge.

Harness and channel innovation

People are full of great ideas, however sometimes they just need a platform to unleash them and develop them into new ways for the company to grow and succeed. Community sites in SharePoint are the perfect way to nurture ideas and grow them into winning strategies.

Delivering Social Solutions on SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 includes all the social features that today’s employees demand. The new My Site experience includes a micro blogging component, complete with likes, hash tags and app mentions, alongside the ability to follow people, documents and sites.Community sites in SharePoint 2013 provide entire sites focused around organizing, conversations and encouraging users to paricipate.Users can join or leave a community as they wish and a reputation system has been included with points being gained for activites like posting topics, replaying and liking.Reputation points and Badges are designed to increse participation but also give confidence on the accurency of replies.

Let SGcomputers help you build your Enterprise Social network
With SGComputer’s proven methodology we take you through the process to develop an effective set of tools for your organization’s needs. Utilizing technologies like SharePoint 2013 and enhancing and integrating as we go, the tools are delivered to employees in a way that will gain high user adoption and ensure that they want to join the conversation for their benefit and the benefit of their fellow employees.