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Data Visualisation

Consistently acquiring and maintaining competitive advantage in the global marketplace needs breakthrough insights into your customers, operations and processes. Data is not simply an issue of volume, its also variety and velocity. Your colleagues need to be able to visualize your data in the way that will help them unlock breakthrough insights.

Better knowledge facilitates better decision making but are you finding that your data is difficult to translate into usable and timely knowledge? The volume and variety of data that organizations need to manage, combined with the speed of its creation requires a new approach to managing its analysis. Users demand the ability to combine data from different sources, navigate through the data and be able to visualize data quickly and easily. With data being created within applications, sitting in data warehouses or coming from external sources it is a challenge to bring disparate datasets together accuracy, quickly while maintaining control and compliance.

Surface Opportunity

Whether its driving new revenues, optimizing business process or managing people data can surface new business opportunity. Delivering fast access to real-time information will make you more competitive and agile.

Combining data from different sources both structured and unstructured to provide a holistic view is key to opening opportunities that you never knew existed before.

Make smarter decisions

Dashboards and data visualizations can empower your people to make smarter, more informed business decisions. Better visualizations allow improved exploration and explanation of the data and provide people with the information they need to take the guess work out of important business decision making.

Delver data efficiently and effectively

Creating a self-service framework for users to easily create the data visualizations they need and manipulate the data to provide deep insight puts the power in the hands of the user and doesn't use up expensive resource and time.

Work with BrightStarr on your next Microsoft data visualization project
Our data visualization service is based on experience and skill. We have a proven methodology for delivering results for each and every client. Starting with the current and predicted future user needs and the degree to which autonomous data analysis can be undertaken by different user groups. By combining our understanding of enterprise applications and data sources and our ability to deliver rich user experience across multiple devices. We can build data visualization including dashboards and score cards that will help you make sense of your data and use it to gain competitive advantage.