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Document Management

SharePoint Document Management - Fast, Accurate and Intuitive Knowledge Management

Your content is growing but is your system for managing it evolving to cope? It is not simply the amount of content, but its growing diversity and complexity. Through all of this data your employees are trying to find knowledge; knowledge to solve problems, help customers, develop products and make decisions. They don’t need content, they need the answer to their question.

Finding accurate information can be an employees most time consuming task and once they have found the content they have to assume that it’s up to date. But without robust document management in place this can quite often be a near impossible goal. Enterprise Content is diverse - both geographically and by type, it’s very often living and generated by collaboration. Efficient businesses make it simple for employees to find, discover and create content with tagging and workflow being an intuitive aid rather than a cumbersome burden. Relevant and reliable content allows businesses to solve problems faster, help customers more effectively and allows people to get on with what they do best.

Document Management Saves Time

Information gets created every day from emails to images. Without effective document management this information gets stored in a plethora of places from file servers to employee hard drives to USB sticks and the cloud. The more disparate the storage locations, the less usable that information becomes for theorganization and the longer it takes to find the right information. This situation generates inefficiencies in your organization as people spend more time searching or duplicating effort: good document management saves time.

Compliance with Document Management

Regulation requires control, but even in businesses that don’t operate in a regulated environment document management can bring legal and compliance benefits. With document management you have a single version of the truth for any point in time, and you can prove it. If you don’t have document management, old versions of important documents can persist and proving which document was current at a point in time is difficult. SharePoint 2013 Document management is risk mitigation for yourorganization in a situation where there is no benefit for taking that risk.

Improve Customer Service

The world is an increasingly impatient place and your customers are busy people. Should you make them wait for information? They don’t think so. Document management can help you deliver better customer service without increasing headcount by making your information more accessible, faster. Seamless integration of extranet self-service portals with specified document stores allows your customers to find the knowledge they need faster themselves.SharePoint document management also speeds up the response time of your customer contact staff in finding the answers to the questions they get asked by your customers.

SGcomputers Delivers Better Sharepoint Document Management Solutions

Bringing the documents and data together is only part of a good document management solution. SGComputers works with its clients to develop the right data taxonomies, powerful records management and customized search. Our work allows your organization to maximize SharePoint’s inherent abilities and functions in a way that works best for your business. We make it simpler for users to store data in a way that benefits the whole organization, utilizing single drop off points and sharing through the cloud. Enterprise search can index both internal and external data sources bringing the knowledge your employees need under a single umbrella. We have the experience to help you with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 document management.

Delivering a best in class SharePoint Document Management to you
SGcomputers approach follows a proven methodology to deliver individually tailored solutions for each of our clients. Working with us you can be confident in a successful project outcome as our highly qualified team apply the thousands of hours of SharePoint expertise gained working with organizations facing similar challenges. Application of our knowledge and proven methodology ensures we develop and deploy the best possible solution that will serve your organization well now and into the future. Contact our team today so that we can start to understand your challenges and we can start to help you overcome them.