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Enterprise Search

Searchability, Findability and Discoverability with SharePoiint Enterprise

Information is created at an ever-expanding rate and finding the right information at the right time, quickly and easily, is vital for your employees. The diversity and complexity of data that has to be indexed in large organizations is immense and that coupled with the expectation of internal search engines to return tailored, relevant and secure results requires businesses to take search seriously

Search underpins many of our systems and the trend is towards evermore reliance on our search engines. Content exists in many diverse repositories and systems and is accessed from many devices. Content is generally secured, which search engines must respect. The results must be intuitive and interactive and the system must index everything from documents, to peoples profiles, whilst understanding the difference. It’s a complex task but if achieved, it can transform how organizations discover and use content.

Make faster Decision

Your users don’t care about topologies, databases and compatibilities; they care about having the information they need at their finger-tips. We can connect your users with the information they need in an intuitive and timely manner, without problems of information becoming siloed. This stops people ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and allows them to make more informed business decisions. Effective enterprise search goes beyond document management, its about rapid information access.

Drive user adoption

Sharepoint in its 2013 version contains sophisticated indexing and search configuration functionality under the hood.What this means for users is search results return the information they are looking for quickly and without having to re-execute search variants.The powerful technology is married to Sharepoint's to use front-end interface giving users in an easy to use fashion is what users want and because it works for them they keep coming back to it time and time again,driving high rates of users adoption on your technology platform.

Improve employee efficiency

An effective enterprise search solution will enable employees to capitalize on the rich information that exists and ensure information can be found quickly, to help support commercial decisions that can increase your bottom line. By using query rules, search schema and ranking models we can influence the order of search results for your users ensuring that they keep finding the right information. Results presentation is customizable making searching a constantly growing pool of data easier and more intuitive.

Accurate Search – SharePoint 2013 Search

Your users need the information they are looking for quickly. This isn’t simply a matter of returning results quickly, it’s also about returning the most relevant results. Our work with the latest Microsoft Enterprise Search technology focuses around providing the most accurate results for users so they can be get on with their work with Microsoft SharePoint 2013's functionality you can benefit from full content indexing across multiple content soures,continuous crawling,entity extraction,renking models and result soureces.By making search technology more intelligent your enterprise search becomes customized for your organization and your users.

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Your emplioyees are your most important asset.The challenges to providing them with the right imformation at the right time have never been greater but the need is even more criticle in the knowledge economy.Taking the latest enterprise search tools and combing it with our experience and best practice knowledge we can help you deliver the enterprise search your business needs.
Typically our enterprise search services involve:Delivering search solution on a SharePoint platform,which requires a strong project methodology and a range of skills and expertise to ensure the end solution is scalable, usable and fit for purpose.

Gathering requiresments for search,in line with business needs
Conduct search proofs-of-concept to help support business cases
Provide Enterprise search guidance on physical and logical infrastructure
Advice on Meta data structure,information,architecture and ranking models
Build,configure and install SharePoint search solutions Provide detailed training and knowledge transfer
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