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Health Check

Ensure Productivity with Optimized Technology Platforms

Employees reliance on technology is greater than ever before, expectations are high and tolerance for system outages is low bringing frustration and massive productivity losses when they happen. When employees lose confidence in their technology they very often lose confidence in the organization.

Prevention is key, with solid architecture and routine checks and monitoring being the cornerstone of any organizations technology platform. Available and responsive systems drives productivity and confidence allowing your employees to focus on what they do best.

Avoid Costly outates

The cost of an outage is not simply lost employee time, and emergency resource to bring the platform back to operation but lost sales, customer frustration, senior management time, post event advertising & communications and even stock market valuation. With such high downside you have in place your own checks and systems but how often do bring in fresh eyes to give you a new perspective? The cost of a third party health check & optimization is a fraction of the downside, and gives you a great deal of peace of mind.

Make your platforms work harder

We understand budgets are tight so when reviewing your technical platform optimization should run in parallel to failure prevention. The demands on your systems are changing which gives you opportunities to review and reallocate resources to make your platform work harder. By having external specialists review each of the elements within your platform you can benefit from the evolution in best practice and make each piece of your platform deliver to the maximum.

Scales as your business grows

You need your platform to be able to grow inline with your organization’s needs. Improvements and optimization of the platform give you the foundation from which you can build in confidence, and build efficiently, keeping spend appropriate to the increasing demands of the business. With a better optimized platform you can minimize ’growth steps’ which can make marginal growth of IT platforms very unattractive and throttle business ambition in the short-term.

Complete Health Checks & Optimization

We believe that a health check should examine the technical platform from the business requirements down to a server’s performance. Without understanding what the business wants the platform to support, you cannot truly examine the technical platform’s expected future performance. Similarly reviewing a platform’s high-level objectives must be done in conjunction with the detailed analysis of metrics and logs of the base technology that fulfils the function: Without the low level analysis you cannot have the required operational confidence.

Choosing SGcomputer's Platforms Health Checks
Engaging with SGcomputers to undertake your technology platform health checks and optimization is for those who choose thoroughness. Our aim is to deliver both confidence and opportunity to you through our work. Whether reviewing event and monitoring logs such as SharePoint ULS or examining your governance plans we are about applying best practice to your specific needs. It is best practice for best profit; by minimizing risk, maximizing the utilization of your platform investment, seizing opportunities to improve business practice that positively impacts bottom line.

Get in contact with our team today so we can learn about your organization's technical platform. We want to help you ensure it delivers for your business 24/7, 365 days a year, in the most robust and the most efficient way now and into the future. With our expertise gained from working across sectors and across the globe you can be confident that our health checks and optimization work will get to the heart of issues and deliver solutions.