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Manage Services

Proactive management and support for your platforms

Technology needs to be maintained and supported in order to maximize its benefits. At SGcomputers we know that launching a system or service for your users is not the end of something, but just the beginning. Whether you have an on-premise or cloud centric solution we can provide the ongoing maintenance and support via a number of flexible agreements.

SGcomputers can also provide hosting services for your technology platform. Whether you need specific hosting solution or an Office 365 Cloud platform we can help deliver the right hosting for demanding organizations.

Flexible range of support agreements

By offering both a pay as you go model or a monthly fixed fee based on the level of support you require and the size of your implementation, we offer the most flexible support options on the market.

Scalable hosting options

If you choose to outsource you’re hosting we can provide you with a competitive hosting package based on the scalable windows azure platform, with global data center coverage and a 99.6% uptime guarantee.

Proactive maintenance

Every managed service solution we provide includes a proactive maintenance plan, which will ensure we spot issues before they become real problems and can continually update your platforms.