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Measurement & Improvement

Measuring For Customer Improvement

In the digital world there are many channels of communication to utilize. Being sure that you are getting the best out of all your channels and ensuring they are working in a coherent way to deliver sales and customer satisfaction is not so easy.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to measure and analyze more of their customer behavior in order to understand what is working and work is not. Measurement and optimization is not new, but the diversity of today’s customer touch points makes the management of and gaining insights from, a more complex undertaking.

Make decisions on fact not fiction

Should you spend more on this marketing channel or another channel? In a world where your consumer touches your brand at multiple points, which channel is driving incremental sales? Which channel supports the buying decision most? At what point in the buying process are there any weaknesses in your communication that could have the greatest impact on bottom line? Measure and analyze and then take properly informed decisions so that you maximize your results and don’t face the need to reverse strategy in the spotlight of failing sales numbers.

Identify every customer touch point

Do you really know all the places that your customers interact with you? Are your teams focused on the main channels and allowing opportunities to go unnoticed at the margin? How significant are each of the customer touch points and are the marginal ones more important that your business thinks? Implementing thorough measurement and optimization gives you confidence in knowing all of your customer touch-points and the relative importance of each. In this way you have complete knowledge and can allocate resources better, gaining advantages on your competitors in places they don’t even know are important yet!

Drive more customer conversions

Measuring the behavior of customers and prospects gives you the data to analyze elements within buying processes. The more granular your measurement and analysis the more granular your response can be and the more you can change. Increasing your customer conversions not only is more profitable but makes your marketing budgets go further. This can have a cumulative effect on sales growth as better conversion can make previously uneconomic methods or channels now profitable giving greater opportunities for growth in your markets. Small conversion gains can multiply up to very large profit gains.

Change is constant; the successful companies manage and direct change in response to internal and external stimuli by taking informed decisions based on solid knowledge. The business intelligence approach to process improvement is to measure, question, analyse and validate to gain real insights into operations. We work with our clients throughout the engagement from the measurement of processes to the implementation of new ones so that they can call on an experienced team that will complement their skills and knowledge.

Working with BrightStarr for Better Measurement and Optimization
Your business and market position is unique so when we work with our clients under our proven Kinetica engagement methodology we bring with us knowledge and experience but not assumptions and generalizations. With a skilled multi-disciplinary team we have the human capital that can get the best out of the available technology so you can understand better the humans that matter most to your business, your customers.
We can deliver the business intelligence you need to gain a competitive advantage in your markets. Talk to the BrightStarr office local to you today so that we can start the conversation with you.