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Office 365

Office 365 is the future of cloud collaboration

Office is working in the Cloud now; your trusted applications always on the latest versions, your work safely in the Cloud to access when and where you want. Delivering opportunities and some challenges for the enterprise along the way.

SharePoint Online is a powerful component of Office 365, giving enterprises the ability to create class leading Intranets, Extranets and collaboration solutions. Office 365 provides the power of SharePoint without the need to manage and maintain the application and content. Harnessing the power needs understanding as well as control and governance.

Work from anywhere

With Office 365 users simply login to work from anywhere on their own applications and documents. Users can be more flexible in their choice of hardware at anytime they need to work. The power of Lync Online is leveraged to keep users in touch around the world. Office 365’s offline and mobile functionality will give employees the power to keep working no matter the environment, safe in the knowledge that all data will ultimately be synced and backed up to the cloud.

Easily manage the cost of IT

Minimising the organisational spend on licensing and hardware while maintaining appropriate flexibility and access for employees to the applications and services they need is a challenge. Office 365 transforms that challenge by providing a subscription model and providing powerful cloud technology with the application set. For some organisations back office systems such as email and Intranet servers can be entirely replaced by utilising Office365's Cloud. Costs can be better controlled and managed without sacrificing functionality and employee efficiency.

Minimise up skill with a familiar tool set

Transition to the benefits of the Cloud could not be easier for your users. The applications that they are familiar with day-in-and-day-out look the same, maintain their easy to use and logical menu systems – the only difference is they are accessed through the browser. The lack of training requirement and continuity of tools is a significant cost saving over alternatives and keeps the cost of migrating from your current Office suite low. The new functionality of Office365 is incorporated in ways that look and feel familiar for your users so they can use it quickly and easily and because the Syncing is done for them they can simply get on with their work without worry.

Seizing the Offie365 Opportunities

More than previous changes to the ubiquitous Office family, 365 has opened up more opportunities for organisations to benefit from the out-of-the-box functionality and services. Change presents challenges and for businesses and organisations that have invested in internal systems it is normal that the challenges pose questions that are best faced with an experienced partner to assist you. Whether it is how to utilise the Lync Online communication toolset most effectively or how to migrate the existing and archive documents to Cloud access, having experts who have done this many times before to help you will ensure that embracing Office 365 is successful for you.

SGcomputers are Office 365 Experts
SGcomputers have a dedicated team of consultants that understand Office 365 in-depth, and know how best to leverage its comprehensive feature set across different organisational types. Our consultants can quickly analyse business problems, work with you to design an Office 365 system, and migrate your content and data from legacy on premise systems to give your business cloud power. Contact us today to discuss the challenges you face and the opportunities you want to unlock.