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Self Service BI

Transform your data analysis, make data driven decisions

Business Intelligence doesn't have to be an expensive, multi month project. With powerful Self Service BI solutions you can quickly unlock the value of data and enable your teams to collaborate and make data driven decisions at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI solutions.

Traditional Business Intelligence solutions are expensive, complex and lack the delivery speed that today's business decision makers need. With Microsoft Self Service BI and Power BI you can transform how your organization acquire, discover, analyze and make data driven decisions. This is made possible by leveraging the power of Excel, Visio and SharePoint - tools that your team is already familiar with. No more IT heavy database projects and expensive data warehousing solutions, instead you now have a quick and efficient platform to enable non-technical business users to analyze, create bold and stunning interactive visualizations to uncover hidden insights and quickly share and collaborate with your team.

Business Agility

Got a market hypothesis to test? Or would like to quickly research customer behavior? Self Service BI can enable data discovery and faster time to insight – allowing you to quickly uncover facts in areas of interest and respond faster to market opportunities

Reduce Cost

With Self Service BI solutions, reports and insights can be delivered within hours and days and not in weeks and months like traditional BI. Cost of ongoing BI work is also reduced as there is effectively no “development time” since the reporting solutions leverage native capabilities of Excel and SharePoint.

Scalable Platform

Using powerful in memory analytics capabilities of Excel and Power BI, business users can build comprehensive analytical solutions with millions of rows of data. The powerful self service capability frees up valuable IT resources who can focus on their core competencies rather than writing reports and building queries and cubes.

Realizing the value of Self Service BI solutions

Data is the new currency of the economy, having the right tools for your business team can help you transform your organization while at the same time better leverage other data investments you are making in multichannel customer engagement, customer analytics, Big Data and Data Science initiatives. The benefits of Self Service BI are not limited only to business intelligence experts or data scientists. Nearly everyone in your organization can analyze and make more informed decisions with the right tools systems and processes.

Expertise to deliver successful Self Service BI solutions
To gain the full advantage of Self Service BI through SharePoint and Power BI you need a well-designed platform. Business users need to trust in the data and in the analytical reports and the underlying data sources, having a structured governance model with a well-designed information architecture and data stewardship models can enable you to leverage the potential of Microsoft Self Service BI solutions to bring your data to life with stunning interactive data visualization capability of Power BI. Our expert consulting and BI expertise can help with the implementation of an analysis ready suite so that you get the most from your investments.