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Team Augmentation

Augmenting your existing delivery team

You’re used to delivering projects internally and want to ensure you have the full knowledge and control in house once the product has gone live. Our experts are experienced in leading, mentoring and augmenting customer teams. We can provide niche subject matter expertise around new technologies including enterprise search technologies.

We employ a range of people with different skills. This enables your team to draw on their deep domain knowledge and experience, therefore mitigating project risk

Get the most from your assets

However large and diverse your technology team is you may not have the specific skills when it comes to sizing or understanding how best to use a technology model. You can rely on our team to provide that subject matter expertise and make sure you are getting the most out of your enterprise applications.

Expert advice on tap

With many long term client relationships you can rest assured that when the next version comes out or when you need to deploy the latest technology stack, our guys will be well ahead of the curve and will be able to assist you with every aspect of your latest initiates.

Facilitate skill transfer

Sometimes there’s nothing more motivating than bringing in an expert that’s seen it and done it before. This enables your employees to gain invaluable insight, knowledge and skills that they can use going forward.