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Upgrade And Migration

Technology platform upgrades and migrations

Have you identified the need to deploy a new platform to support one or more elements of your technology infrastructure? Selecting the correct technology platform for your current needs, allowing expansion for your known future needs and retaining flexibility for your yet unknown future technology needs is a complex area.

The increasing demands of your organization and your users drive change in the foundation of your IT infrastructure. Your organization’s polices and culture will define data storage, security, and usage requirements but this needs to be examined in the context of technology constraints and the criticality of the systems covered to your business operations. With the increasing use of cloud and cloud / on-premise hybrids the technical platform needs to support current and aspirational requirements.

Avoid Costly outates

Does the C-Level management of your organizationview your technology platform as a cost or a competitive advantage? Technology is a tool to create profits just as a physical factory or machine tool can create profit. If a new machine can manufacture products faster, with less waste, to a higher specification, to more specific customer needs and demonstrate a rapid return on investment you would invest in it. Migrating your technology platform to a version that helps your business deliver more output for less input gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Make your platforms work harder

Existing technologies evolve and new technologies are released and become adopted, but retaining legacy technical platforms can hinder or prevent the adoption of new and improved technologies. Evolving your technical platform is necessary to ensure that you and your organization can take advantage of the latest applications and versions. Being behind the version curve on your foundation technology is not a cost saving but a lost opportunity to implement the latest technology and integrate new systems cleanly and efficiently.

Scales as your business grows

These are all things which will cause your users to turn off from your technology . Lack of user engagement and poor adoption of systems mean that efficiency gains are notrealized and users by-passing systems and protocols create significant problems for IT departments and other users. By upgrading your platform you ensure that your technology keeps pace with your users’ demands and that they continue to work with the systems and processes they should while benefiting from the new functionality and efficiencies that are delivered by latest versions of technology.

Complete Health Checks & Optimization

We believe that a health check should examine the technical platform from the business requirements down to a server’s performance. Without understanding what the business wants the platform to support, you cannot truly examine the technical platform’s expected future performance. Similarly reviewing a platform’s high-level objectives must be done in conjunction with the detailed analysis of metrics and logs of the base technology that fulfils the function: Without the low level analysis you cannot have the required operational confidence.

Choosing SGcomputer's Platforms Health Checks
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