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Windows Azure

Using Windows Azure to benefit your organization

The Windows Azure platform saves you money by reducing your capital costs and allowing to pay only for the IT services actually use. Cost reductions from elimination of hardware is only part of the benefit. When done correctly moving an organization’s IT infrastructure to a cloud based one releases valuable time and resources to focus on the things that matter to your business.

Microsoft developed the Windows Azure platform to be scalable meaning it can grow as your business does helping you react to change and opportunities faster and even open new markets discover ways to deliver products and services through the web. Our experienced Azure consultants understand the technology and take the time to understand your specific business needs. When we move organizations to the Azure cloud they are getting a solution that meets their specific needs now and into the future.

Pay as you grow

On-premise technology can be inefficient with under-utilized hardware, inflexible licensing and a platform that grows only in steps in response to business needs. Cost reductions from elimination of hardware and often inefficient on-site licensing is only part of the benefit of moving to Windows Azure.

Microsoft developed the Windows Azure platform to be completely, and easily scalable, meaning it can grow as your business does and in a more linear fashion. Having a more efficient and responsive IT foundation can help you react to change and opportunities faster, scaling up your technology platform is no-longer a project but turning up the tap.

Get to market quicker

Your business is fighting for growth through innovation and expansion. First mover advantage in global markets can be the difference between success and failure. Exploiting opportunities and innovation should not be hampered by waiting for technology to facilitate. Head count needs to increase by 100?

New application needs servers for implementation? New overseas office set up? With Windows Azure press the button and you get the resources you need fast. You can expand and contract your platform on-demand; pay for only what you use. Don't kill opportunities with inflexible IT; your competitors won't be.

Focus on better, not Baseline

How much time and resource does your organization invest in maintaining baseline IT services? projects to implement change; they all suck in huge amounts of time, money and employee focus. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that baseline infrastructure? What could you achieve with that extra time and resources that would be freed up?

Windows Azure gives you your platform - your IT foundation, completely scalable, robust and secure, without the drain on your resources. technology team can now spend more time using its skills to improve business results, exploiting opportunities and working on positive change not mundane maintenance.

Use experienced hands to unlock Azure's potential
SGcomputer's Azure cloud consultants can help you understand how you and your organization can benefit from Windows Azure. Working with you and your team provide a roadmap for migrating existing applications, creating new, applications that leverage the power of Azure and Cloud technology.Our team we provide a full service offering that includes Cloud consulting, Cloud application development, support and ongoing governance assistance.We understand the challenges you face and the pressures you are under. We treat every engagement as unique, however through our proven methodology we follow the steps we know will lead to project success and can apply the thousands of hours of experience in working with clients with similar challenges to you. Talk to us today, confident in the knowledge that we have the experience and skills that are trusted by organizations like yours that cannot afford to compromise on or be compromised by their IT infrastructure.